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Walter B. Gibson's personal Shadow ring. Walter Gibson's personal Shadow ring. The legend concerning this piece tells of how Litzka Gibson had the ring custom-made for her husband. It was designed to resemble the fire opal, or girasol ring that the Shadow had received decades earlier as a gift from the Czar of Russia whom he had befriended. The ring was a regularly mentioned element in the Shadow tales, and it was often prominently featured on the character's pulp magazine covers. Litzka Gibson had commissioned the ring to be crafted from sterling silver, with a glass "stone" that was amber in color with a touch of red. ("Sterling" appears inside the band, along with the jeweler's initials "H&R.") The loving wife had the ring inscribed within the size 12 band, "Walter B. Gibson From Lamont Cranston." (The word "To" was probably originally included at the inscription's beginning, but it is now worn away.) Gibson loved the gift, and he wore it to every public function.  
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